Sunday, December 8, 2019

Camping With the Crew

The tent had been up for a week before I could haul half the bedroom into it.

Air mattresses, down comforters, doggy sleeping bags,everything we could want to sleep peacefully in low 30'F temps.

Didn't take into account gale force winds on our first night.

A little disconcerting to all.

The team tries to weather the cold and the winds, but by 2 AM, Dax and Micah declare mutiny: "Unless you can provide us with 5 star camping, take us back to the Hyatt".
I walk them all back home and stomp back to the tent by myself.  So much for my loyal dogs!

Friday, December 6, 2019

Dodge Ramcharger Comes Home

So, my mechanic tells me my beautiful 1979 Dodge Ramcharger isn't road worthy yet, not even close. Hard to start, likes to stall, something fishy going on with tranny and doesn't respond well to pressure applied on brake pedal.  Meh... pesky details.
I put my good luck owl hat on and bolster myself to lock horns with Bubba.  "You're not taking it", "Don't be a big ogre, I'm taking it", "you won't make it", "maybe, maybe not".

Initially, it looks like he's going to win because each time I put it in reverse, she stalls.
I coo her name "C'mon Bumble, let's go home". And we're off, rattling down the road, checking my rear view mirror to see if Bubba can catch me!

Sooo, she runs too rich and needs to be thrown in neutral far in advance of any stopping, still we chug down the back roads towards the farm.
The dirt roads teach me to hang on tight, as the front end has more play in it than a merry-go-round.

Still, she cruises. I'm smiling so much my face hurts.  We get within a mile of the house and the stalling begins in earnest.  I barely get her in the drive when she says "that's enough for today". Bumble gave 'er all she had and now I can take over swapping out her carburetor and drooling through the JC Whitney catalog for replacement parts.

A Holley or Edelbrock carb?... decisions, decisions.

This is a thing of beauty.

The dogs and I spend hours crawling through and under it. Licking and in my case, poking, everything.

40 years of smells.  Bonanza!

She's solid underneath.

Micah prefers to be a backseat driver.

Dax definitely prefers shotgun.

I do believe we all approve.

Garrett, no more bewildered than normal... Peter, absent, signaling his approval from his perch on the couch... All 5 in agreement, she's a keeper! 

When vehicles were built to last.

I grew up loving wing windows.

Nothing aerodynamic about this baby! Square and solid as Gibraltar.

What a productive day off it has been!!!  I love going back to work more tired than when I left!

Oh dear Bumble, how I love thee.

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Micah Update

Last week, Micah had his follow up appointment with his specialist in Atlanta.  To avoid getting snarled in traffic, Dax suggested we stay the night in the Hyatt.

Micah's first time 'abroad'.  His behavior is exemplary. 

My Demon Spawn is also well behaved, not a peep out of either of them.  They did turn heads by dragging me through the lobby like we were in the lead of the Ididarod. 

I love this breed, despite how expensive they are to get through the destructive puppy stages and the unavoidable medical mishaps.  Couch dwellers don't zoom past obstacles ripping their hides off, get bitten by snakes, ingest all sorts microbes in creek water and opossum feces, pointers are not couch dwellers.

OK, this one is, but it's only for a brief moment.

Then it's back to Go, Go, Go.

Good news from the vet:  as the test results from California indicated that Micah doesn't the autoimmune disorder, it appears his double antibiotic treatment is snuffing out the bacterial pocket deep in his palate.  He continues to be able to open his mouth more and more each week, a sign that the abscess is shrinking.  There is always the possibility that once the antibiotics are ended, that it may flare up again. Contingency plan already in the books:  appointment in January with a veterinary dental surgeon.  Hopefully not needed, but better safe than sorry.  The abscess is in a terrible place only accessible from the outside by cutting away the orbital bone around his eye, or, as Dr. Beryessa hopes, this dental surgeon can go in beside a tooth and drain it. 
Always something.

Sunday, December 1, 2019

She's Alive

How many mechanics does it take to get a 1979 dodge to purr?

Had my first drive in my old truck last week.

Next, I propose we work on THE BRAKES!  

Friday, November 29, 2019

Honeymoon, Farm-Style

When you've gotten married on your lunch break, picnicked in a cemetery for its peacefulness, stayed out beyond your bedtime at a tattoo parlor, what happens next?
You each go back to our respective houses!

Honeymoon, Farm-Style. Flynn is on dog sitting detail until next week, so he's residing down the lane with his two girls, Maggie and Lucy.

They come over for meals.

Lucy asking Uncle Flynn for more Thanksgiving food.

And socializing.

6 big dogs in one wee little trailer is a little much, what if we take them all camping? Doesn't that make sense?
Snagged this tent at a yard sale for $75.  Pity it didn't come with instructions.

Dax and Micah assisted.

Micah was fired after fleeing with tent parts. Took us all remaining evening light.

 but Dax and I did it.

Party time.

I have a funny feeling my new husband will tell me to 'have fun', he'll stay with his girls in his posh lakeside abode. I'll send him a postcard. I've assured him Dax and Micah are 100x better than an electric blanket.

He doesn't believe me.
At least we had an impromptu reception... we crashed two family Thanksgiving dinners.  In between horse feedings, we foraged at the Carattini-Colon household and the Simmons-DeSchazo home.

Don't Farmer Flynn's boots complete the outfit?

I'm off on this Black Friday and catching up on house projects.  Flynn is off this weekend, while I'm back on the clock.  I think we may have found the recipe to a long and happy marriage:  separate time off.  OK, maybe not, but it's a work in progress.

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Are You Sitting Down?

I got married.

Been best friends with this guy for years.

Kind to all of God's creatures, even the slithering ones.

He pretends to be a tough mean former cop, but I see right through it.

Uh huh...


I mean who else can put up with Dax???

I trust my dogs' instincts.
He's one of a kind.

And I know he'll follow me to the depths of Hell, or bottom of a lake in Winter!

Was always my backup after my surgeries.

That's dedication.

I rest my case.
We decided on tattoo rings.  #1 because we work with our hands and I don't relish the thought of donating a finger to farm equipment, #2 I won't wear blood diamonds, #3 he's gaga about tattoos, so even the mention of it made his eyes flutter with glee.

We found our way to Ascension Tattoo Studio after work.  The artist turned out to be none other than the same woman who tattooed Cole 13 years earlier. After an attempt to steal Cole, I had him branded with my name on his inner thigh, as the vet had made the mistake of telling me that dog thieves cut microchips out. Sometimes, people shouldn't tell me things...

Good enough for my Cole, good enough for me. Full circle.
Introducing Mrs. Flynn and Mr. Smith.