Sunday, January 7, 2018

Invalid Update

We are pleased to report that the three, who had been residing in the Convalescence wing at the Farm, are doing splendidly.
After Henry's brush with disaster, his kidney values have shown improvement and perhaps a stable trend.

Only time will tell. He's still getting Cheerios and apple sauce in his feed three times a day.  And we're closely monitoring consumption levels to make sure he's not fading on us again.

Twice a week he's given a homeopathic treatment. I use the syringes as tear droppers (I'm not shooting him up!)

Plus a massage technique I learned from Dr. Twila Floyd years ago.

I believe in going all the way.  Don't say you've tried 'everything' unless you truly have.

Axel reports that his vision may be a bit blurry, but that there's no infection inside his eye, which was the greatest fear from his eyeball puncture incident a couple weeks ago.

My vision, on the other hand, has never been worse.  I return for a checkup in two weeks and there'd better be a solution or another surgery waiting for me.  I'm deducing that the repair work they did inside the eye before implanting the new lens hasn't healed according to plan and has caused the artificial lens to shift.  Because my right eye sees great from the end of my nose to 1 ft. away.  Then complete fuzz to about 200 ft.  And the gap between 1 - 200 feet is pretty much human operating field! My left eye, which had the poorer vision to begin with is doing weird things to try to compensate. So, the left contact lens they gave me worked one day, but now makes my vision blurrier than when I'm without. 
My patience is at its end.  I have headaches by the end of the day from straining to see.  
The triple vision produced by my right eye means that I see an object at 9, 3 and 6 o'clock positions forcing me to choose which one is the correct image.

Sometimes I choose wrong, like when I was cutting a tag off an item and bit my own hand with the scissors instead.  
Putting keys into locks is another favorite pastime now requiring extra patience that is woefully disappearing.
Yet, I'm somehow managing to avoid tripping over roots when hurtling through the woods tethered to The Bomb.

See... there's always something to be grateful for.
Most grateful I am for the results of the first surgery, for it has taken care of the squished kidney problem.  For half a year, I was in pain daily, my left leg would swell so much that by noon every day my shoes had to changed into roomier boots and my left pant leg would be uncomfortably tight. That's all in the past.  And I feel great... so what if the vision is bad as long as the body has healed.

Maybe I'm meant to paint what I see and become a famous Impressionist artist.  


  1. Wow...eyesight is so important...though if you become a famous painter I can say I knew you when. I hope your eye thingy can be fixed easily.

    1. I'm still hoping for a bionic eye capable of X-ray vision!

  2. I know about eye problems! I have 2 RK surgeries on both eyes. 1 laser "tune up" on my left eye and 2 on my right eye. That was years ago and have done well. Of course now, due to "age", I have to have my reading glasses. But, before the surgeries without my coke bottle lens glasses I couldn't see anything that was more than 2 feet away! My brother-in-law and I were discussing our eyes one day, pre-surgery, and he commented he could not read the words "Case" written on the side of a backhoe. I looked at him confused and asked "What backhoe?"

  3. How is it you can always turn something borderline tragic into comedy. My Gawd "what backhoe?". you absolutely slay me.