Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Giving Tuesday

You'll never catch me in a store on Black Friday.  I ignore Cyber Monday.  Granted I spend most of my blissfully ignorant time living under a rock, that's probably why I'd never heard of Giving Tuesday.  What a concept!
Now that's an idea I can get behind.

Gave this morning to a mentor's cause.  Moneys are needed to fund her documentary, Bernice Ende is a very inspirational woman who has been beacon for me over the years.

Since I was off today, I wondered what other mischief I could find.

Donate blood.

Pick up fruit for the gopher tortoise I sponsor.  She's probably semi hibernating now, but I can't risk the big girl being hungry.  8 months out of the year, I drop off herpetologist approved foods every three days into her burrow.  She is very capable of foraging for herself, but her burrow now sits in a denuded area right on the paved road.  What other humans have caused, I'd like to fix, at least in her world.

Trucked myself and the posse to the barn this evening to help Flynn blanket all the horses.  Frigid cold with wicked winds, everybody deserves a coat!

What a fine day it has been.  Shouldn't every day be Giving Tuesday?  

Ten thankful faces, what a way to end a good day.

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  1. Yes, every day should be Giving Tuesday! Love the picture of the horses out in the pasture. I heard it was really cold down there for Thanksgiving this year. Kind of glad I chose to go further north this year. If it's going to be cold it might as well be really cold and with snow!