Monday, October 8, 2018

My Day, My Rules

Saturday was my birthday and I was off work, courtesy of someone who switched days off with me.  Gift #1.

Gift #2:  I made myself zucchini muffins and lied savagely to myself about my age.

#3:  took 2 of my boys running.

#4: played with the new range finder one of my boys gave me.

Plus it has binocular feature allowing me to find the imp.

Burned sufficient calories to resume a day of cooking.  Cuz, ya know at 47, your metabolism has slowed and you can't eat like a horse anymore.... yeah right, watch me.

Mocha cake with butter icing.

Tuna patties, Spanish stew, Chicken pasta alfredo, I'm on a roll!

But, sometime has to be allotted to packing the car with our camping supplies.

Original plans called for getting to the Wehle Conservation Land earlier in the day, but two issues set our goal back.  One: 93'F weather (Peter would melt into a little puddle of fat).  Two: Chester's upturned toe decided to declare itself as a lameness problem.  Dr. Brown discovered a bone fragment floating around in the joint, so no long hikes for him anymore.

Tripod will be going to the vet school next week.  He's the gift that keeps giving.  

He's quiet, yet clingy.  I work hard when sleeping to rotate between spooning with different dogs.  It's a rough life.  

Especially when your king size bed isn't rated to hold 450 lbs and five bodies.  Normal person solution: kick a few dogs out.  As I've never claimed normalcy, I prefer to widen my bed by adding a wing.  New twin size mattress will be squeezed in beside king size.  I shall patent it as the Four Dog Night Special. 

Back to my birthday bash.  Car is loaded and we are on the way.  The Wehle Plantation is only an hour away and it's a beautiful drive!

One three man tent.  My queen size air mattress' inflator won't work, but with very little daylight left, I opt to go walking instead of fiddling with it.

We discover the longest covered bridge in Alabama!  It's so long, it has corners!!! 
My 6000 calorie day ends with more cake, and BBQ ribs from Wiley's BBQ house in Smuteye.  I figured I wouldn't need the air mattress, that I could loll around in my own blubber, but ten minutes into my slumber. I realize that I'm feeling every bump on the ground. Thankfully, I'd situated myself far, far from any other campers, otherwise, they'd be wondering what all the obscene thirty minutes of heavy breathing in the tent was all about.  Do you realize how much of a workout it is to fill a queen size mattress??? I'd have to take breaks until my lightheadedness had passed!
I didn't even have my pistol in the tent, figuring only someone with a death wish would try to break in.  We slept somewhat.  Every time one dog moved it sent the rest of us riding the wave.

The best gift:  a day with my boys.


  1. Happy belated birthday! I take a self inflating pad with me camping. I think it's about an inch or inch and a half thick. It's only wide enough for me. Katie beds down on her bed or on the floor. I think the boys would be fine sleeping on the cool floor and you just need padding for yourself. Just saying. And how you fit 4 big dogs on a queen size mattress plus you is beyond me anyway! Hope you're having fun, I know you are.

    1. The boys seem to think the only way to sleep is heaped on top of me. No personal space issues here! The whole spare twin bed wing thing isn't working, they all pile on top of me anyway, if I try to relocate to the twin wing, the posse follows.