Thursday, May 17, 2018

Slithering Serpents

I have seen 10 snakes in as many days.  One per day.
GOOD-- Kingsnake

GOOD--Black Racer

GOOD-- Rat snake

VERY NO BUENO--Timber rattler
Cottonmouths and copperheads worry me, but the lethal rattlesnake scares me.

Did you read the last blurb about how it "adapts well to captivity if treated" well?  This book on Alabama snakes was written by a herpetologist from Auburn.  I worked for him for years, when entering his houses, my first order of business was to always check all the terrariums to make sure all venomous snakes were where they should be.
Another Timber rattler
This one I shot with my revolver as Dax and I came upon it as we were out running.  A total of six shots, it was mortally wounded but not dead.  This property is all sandy loam, never a rock to be seen, unless it was hauled in from somewhere else.  Dax and I had to run back to the dam to get a rock so I could stone it to death.
Our fun runs have become far more stressful. Every day I have to psyche myself up for battle before going running.  I have no choice...

The demon spawn demands it, otherwise, kiss your seat belts, gear shifters, couch, books, antiques goodbye.
In warfare, when you feel at a disadvantage, don't back down, change your tactics.Or ammo in this case.

Lookie lookie here what I found:  rat shot for my .38 special. Now I won't have to get within strike range with my snubnose revolver. Now I won't have to carry rocks around either.
General Smith also theorized that she needed a lighter weight shotgun to tote around while at work.  Her 12 ga. being somewhat bulky and too expensive to take out in the rain.

I bought Dax his birthday present early (yes, the little turd will be 1 year old in two weeks).
An inexpensive .410, perfect for squirrel hunting this Fall.

Let the games begin. We'll make a decent hunting dog out of him yet!


  1. Jamie, I also use rat shot in a 38 revolver. Be aware, quite often I have jams and the cylinder will not revolve. MAKE THE FIRST SHOT COUNT. The light weight aluminum cartridge tends to back out of the cylinder.

    1. Wow, that is good to know. I haven't had time to test fire it at our range. I think I need to make time!!!
      I appreciate the info.