Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Uncle Henry

The persistent rain and cold has dampened everyone's spirits, but none more than my Uncle Henry.  At the age of 33, he's too old for all this climatic nonsense.  This past weekend, the Sun shone on us for the first time in eons.

And it felt good to be able to relax. Henry finally got to lay down for a rest.

Worried there was something wrong with Henry, I sat with him for 15 minutes.
Nothing wrong with him, only dreadfully tired.  Aren't we all.  

Keep sleeping, I got your back. 

Thursday, February 20, 2020

February Monsoons

We're all sick of the relentless rain.  The fields are rice paddies, the roads washed out, the horse hypothermic from all the frigid rain. 

So, we've been holding them up in the barn, collecting mountains of manure--- because that's what horse do best.
Everywhere is flooding.

Mother Nature sure is pissed off.
But, we find ways to adapt and overcome:

Sunday, February 2, 2020

Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

My little 26 year old buddy, Axel, has a chronic eye condition.  We see his opthalmology specialist at Auburn University on a regular basis to keep him as symptom free as possible.

His current problem has been resolving nicely with the help of twice a day drops in his left eye.  He's an old pro at it, a good patient, putting up with fingers poked in his eye for two years now.
The other old timer at the farm, Henry, decided to poke himself in the eye and cause me to return to Auburn twice in one week.

Unlike Axel who basks in the 24 hour attention when he spends a week at the vet school undergoing treatment, good old Henry did not.

He decided to go on a hunger strike.  Back I went to the vet school. Which is probably a good thing because I have this wingnut at home who was having the grandest conniption fits because his buddy had been taken from him.

When Henry's pasture mate, Chance, died last year, Roscoe came to us to become Henry's new companion.  Roscoe takes his job a little too seriously.

Henry has taken a few trips to the vet school now, each time Roscoe goes full Monty on the theatrics.

Usually a horse settles down and goes back to grazing, especially since I'd put Cody in there with him to keep him occupied.  He didn't give a toss about Cody.  He kept pining for his Henry.
Returning with an empty trailer was heart wrenching for him.

At last, the apple of Roscoe's eye is back!

Love and loyalty, something we have a lot of here at the farm.  Peter helped raise Dax, he's his baby.  Angus and Axel are ALWAYS together, inseparable.  Micah can't stand his big brother Dax to be out of his sight.  Deeper and truer than a lot of interpersonal relationships.  Guaranteed.