Thursday, June 20, 2019

Define Bed Rest

Restricted... not a word from my personal dictionary.
I AM being careful!

Frankly,  I'm safer at work than at home,  I've proven that.

Everything is simply more challenging.
Caveat: the foot demands to be propped up.... forcing me to adopt a gymnast's flexibility that I didn't even possess at the age of 7.

Failure to obey results in a blimp for a foot by evening.

Leading to the discovery that under too great a tension,  skin cracks. Who knew!

So, now I'm religiously icing at night.

On my day off, Flynn brought my chair from the barn to my house.

Talk about service.

I was determined to work and enjoy my garden.

Blueberries and blackberries at their peak.

Daylilies showing off.

Scooting around,  pulling weeds from a yoga mat was far less enjoyable than I had imagined.

Where there's a will,  there's a way.

I decided that playing in someone else's garden was a better plan. Hello Columbus Botanical Garden.

I think Helene would love what her now christened chair,  Sparky, has been doing on the farm. And off!

It's been an adjustment,  made bearable by the kindness and benevolence of everyone around me--- even strangers.  Like the airport employee this morning who whisked me off in a wheelchair and deposited me at my gate,  bypassing all the queues. But that's a story for next time.

Define bed rest...

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Daily Events

Somehow word has gotten out that the best eggs can be found in my coop.
Thieves are removed and relocated,  guaranteed these are not the same snakes returning.

And by far,  today's was the biggest.

Over 5 feet long and mightily resistant to capture.

Perhaps this one requires relocation far, far, far away.


German Shorthaired Pointers are called Velcro dogs.  Cole certainly was.  Given a choice of his custom sleeping bag or mine,  he'd always try to share mine on camping trips. 
Dax took his sweet time developing his Velcro traits.  But they're fully engaged now. 

Just try to do anything without him. Like bathe. 

No personal space issues here. 

Is it oversharing to tell you  he likes warm compresses over his eyes?

How one can live without dogs,  I do not know. 

I go to bed with dogs in my arms and awake the same way.  Feels like I won the lottery every morning. 

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Sum of my Days

This one's been rougher than expected. I was all smiles before the nerve block subsided. 

Can do attitude prevailed.

Even bounced down the trails to take all the dogs for a romp in the Boonies.

The pain was oppressive, but manageable. 

I got this,  Garrett!

Pardon the pun, but a walk in the park.

Fun was had by all canines.

It was to be the last Boonies outing of the week .
Didn't take long for the party to end.

Spent some quality time in bed with these two loons and volumes of ice on a propped up flamingly burning foot.

Helps to have both a comedy duo. 

And professional snugglers.
I did manage to get a lot of office and accounting, my least favorite chores. 

But,  I was determined to be productive in the barn. 

The little train that could had penciled herself in to do all the barn work by herself over the weekend. 

A decision soon regretted when one feeding took me 4 hours to complete. And then I had my own crew to feed at home,  by the time I was done it was about 10 PM. That's when my coordination (or lack thereof) took a swan dive down the stairs.

I'll now be taking applications for stunt doubles.  I'm  in no shape to be doing my own stunts any more. 

Yup, midnight run to the urgent care clinic. 

This is the kind of pain that clears your sinuses.
Radiographs showed that no few of my hardware was out of place,  nothing else broken,  just a few stitches busted. 

Patched up and wrapped,  I'm released. 
The weekend was saved by angels who insisted on coming in to help at the barn.  I'd been steadily telling everyone I could handle the weekend on my own.  Hahahaha. Thank goodness I was overruled. 
As a matter of fact,  everyone has been considerate,  well,  except for one who shall remain unnamed. 
I'll give you a hint: this guy keeps her warm at night. 

If I could treat myself with the same kindness I receive from others,  I'd have it made.
   "Going alone gets you the faster,  but together,  you go further".

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Post Op

First day home after surgery, I grow weary of laying around playing Micah's chew toy.

It seems like a great idea to go run some errands.  Flynn, aka Mother Goose, has a conniption fit and tries to prevent me from leaving.  Since I didn't have general anesthesia and I'm not taking pain medicine,  legally,  I can drive.  Logically, probably not. Being reasonable isn't my strong suit.

Mother Goose evaded,  I soon have issues with the farm truck.  The wobble gets worse. I pull over at a church and a good samaritan materializes from the cemetery.  He figured out that it's a blown belt in my tire. I'm less than 2 miles from our tire shop. Guardian angels once again working overtime for me.

Back on the farm,  I attempt to remain off Mother Goose's radar. 

Multiple evasion tactics employed. 
Since I can't crouch to get in the chicken coop, it will now be Flynn's job for 6 weeks.  He finds 2 snakes eating the eggs, he brings one back to me to hold while he returns to capture the other. I'm trying to make supper, hold a snake that's coiling itself up on my scooter...

Attempt to multitask are dropped, more fun to play with a snake.  I had her so calm that I had opened my hand and she never moved.  Flynn relocated them both on the other side of the barn.

Never a dull day around here.
364 more days before I can do this:
Run Forrest, run!

"The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender." Inky Johnson