Sunday, October 3, 2021

Jamie Out On The Town Til 3 AM


Saturday started out with so much promise. We of Farm Team were knocking out work left and right.

I rolled in from work at 8:30 PM.  An hour later, I was rattling pans to make supper for myself and the horde of dogs.  I heard squaloring outside and Miss Pippins came back in whimpering and salivating. Her face started to swell almost immediately.

The snakes have been very active the past couple of weeks with Autumn in the air.  Cristian dispatched a cottonmouth that was making a beeline for his patio.

Cole was bitten on the leg by a venomous snake 5 years ago, then Angus on the nose, then it was Garrett in the mouth, also Axel on the leg, and then Micah on a foot.

The price to pay for living in Jurassic Park. 
Naturally, when Pippins started snorting and panicking because she was having a hard time breathing, I said a little thank you to Murphy's Law for sending me an emergency on a Saturday night after hours.  

The look an animal gives you when in distress.  It shatters my heart.  The more she whimpered and choked, the harder I pushed my 20 year old truck. I suspected a copperhead bite.  We made it to the vet school in record time.

Bless my big old girl, she has the soul of a lion.
Thankfully, I had the presence of mind to grab some homework because I was able to get quite a bit of homework done during my four hours in the Emergency waiting room.
We were released when they stabilized her and run a battery of tests.  Diagnosis:  bug bite.  Genius apparently tried to eat a venomous bug, hence why her mouth and throat were swelling.  
Gee, I wonder how much this bug bite will cost me.  
We return home around 3 AM.  The dogs and I finally got to have supper. 

Pippins wanted nothing but her couch.  I wanted nothing but my bed.  Fortunately, Adjanie and Cristian had Sunday morning horse feeding covered and I could actually sleep in. 
Not my kind of night on the town.