Thursday, December 2, 2021

Emperor's New Clothes

Routinely, I get chastised for spending all my money on my animals. I never buy new clothes; my running shoes are all purchased secondhand on Ebay.  Irritates my mother to no end that I don't have nice clothes.

Well, I splurged on Cyber Monday, I'd had my eye on this cute little outfit for weeks.  I found the box at my gate at 5 AM this morning.

Insulated overalls.   Not just any overalls, they're from Refrigewear, a company that specializes in Winter/refrigerated cooler (think Walmart distribution center) wear.  Tried and tested Winter work clothes rated to 0'F.

There Mother, are you happy now? I saved 40%, which means I have enough money left over to buy my new German shepherd a therapeutic bed. Mother? Mother?