Wednesday, April 27, 2016


A snowbird landed at the farm over the weekend.
Anne-Marie quickly metamorphosed from Toronto urbanite to ranch hand.

Riding with Trail Boss, Tommy.

Bonding with the John Deere:

Auditioning for a role in my coyote annihilation posse.
Study material:
Passing grades:

All that work can make one hungry.  I received a look of disapproval when I dumped a can of peas onto our salad and attempted to sprinkle Kraft cheese on it.  Anne-Marie is a chef, nationally acclaimed cheese judge and culinary arts professor... I may be a decent camp cook, but she raised the bar sky high.

For two solid days, my kitchen was besieged by the Canadian Julia Child.
Instruction was given on the making of a proper 6 hour chicken stock.
Not only did my house smell good, but the aroma wafted out and greeted me in the driveway when I came home from work.
It wasn't all work though. We toured the famous drive thru art museum.

The outing was intended as a joke, but Anne-Marie was gaga about the folk art! 
My childish side preferred to ride the wrecking ball art.

Maybe that's what spawned the idea that I should mount my previously never ridden draft horse.
Step 1: find a ladder to climb aboard.
Step 2: Jerry rig a bridle with twine.

Step 3: Take his best friend along for the ride...
...since Bella's death, Axel won't leave his protector's side.
Like ever:
Crazy Glue has nothing on them!
Nor us:
Best friends since 10!
Now BFF with the extended family too.
Anytime this snow bird wants to migrate back down South, she's welcome.  I guess I'll just starve until then:(

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Minus One

I'm sad.  My father has returned to Canada.  He made his escape from the farm Friday morning.  He assures me it had nothing to do with the 12 hour days we were working here...
He's promised to come back in the Fall for another month.  He's a glutton for punishment.

In his absence, I've been trying to cheer myself up by wandering in the garden.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Death by Gardening

If I die this year, put out an APB for a fenced one acre plot of sandy loam, goes by the names:  Jamie's Garden or Devil's Acre.  It's trying to kill me.
My ambitions or copperheads will do me in.
Sunday, this copperhead snake and I had a brief argument about the rock I was trying to steal for my chicken coop. He won.
On the topic of signs of doom... there's been a lone vulture circling above my garden.  Could it be the dead fish?
Three day old bass buried in 70 holes to act as fertilizer for my corn hills.
My field of dreams using the three sisters planting method:  corn, beans and squash. Note all the weeds.  Anyone wishing to learn how to weed can apply for free internship now!
Like right now.  Operators standing by...
Fine. Be like that.

Apart from all the flowers, there will be some edibles.
Greens for the chickens:
Carrots for the horses:
Corn for the cattle:
Fodder beets for the cattle too:
Food for the bees:
Rutabaga for the mama:

As practical as vegetables are, my passions lay elsewhere.
Caught reading my smutty magazine.
I need professional help.
Is there a support group for iris addicts?

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Real Quick

Events from the past two week-- real quick:

Dad's been an asset to the farm, working on whatever project comes up.

More irises received!

Angus and Axel are now a firm part of the main herd, Angus having swiftly established himself as head honcho (with his wittle side kick always at his side).
Last week, we celebrated the 29th and 30th birthdays of two of our Super Senior horses, with carrot cake, of course.

So it is around here:  the three W's. 
Work at the gym.
Work on the farm.
Work in the garden.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Tip toe through the tulips...

In this case, it's irises.  The blooming has officially begun!
The first to show:  Root Beer.  One of the new additions to my flock from the 53 new irises I ordered last year to add to my collection.  And yes, it smells of root beer too.  Be still my beating heart!
The tide is a changing down here-- finally.  Things are looking up.  My Dad arrived from Canada yesterday!!!
No picture of him, he crashed after our 5 mile walk in the woods last night.  Welcome to Jamie's Boot Camp.