Sunday, November 17, 2013


It has been brought to my attention that 'encapsulating' isn't a veterinary term.  Perhaps something to do with a time capsule, but nothing to do with my dog's knee.
Probably what Dr. Moore was trying to say was calcification of a swollen joint, but you know, it was hard to hear with the loud buzzing noise in my ears.  I wasn't emoting in the vet's office, I had my big girl panties on, but it was close.
The Meloxicam Cole's been taking seems to be easing his discomfort, so that's given us both reason to be hopeful.

With hope, all is possible.

Next Winter, by George, we're going skiing again.  We tried skijoring for a week in Vermont a couple years ago, in the company of my Dad and sister.

Cole's first time up North in the Winter.

Video showing that Cole is a natural.

Brought back memories of growing up in Canada.

Here's Dad parading Cole's new full snow suit. 

Yes, it was necessary.  One shorthaired Southern dog, sans winter coat, wouldn't have stood a chance in -5'F that day.
 I found some races in Maine and Wisconsin.  The harnessing equipment required is different from my usual running harness.  But, in my haste to leave that particularly seedy motel room in California, I left Cole's harness behind.
Our new skijoring harness and lead will arrive soon. 
 Won't Cole look spiffy in this? 
They're trying to make skijoring an Olympic sport you know...