Thursday, October 2, 2014

Killbear Provincial Park

Traveling off peak season is my preference. It's always worked out for me... with the singular exception of going to Norway in December. That's another story, we won't go there today.
Peace and quiet. Out of range of everything.
That includes gas. I was lucky enough to find some on First Nations tribal land.
Ended up being cheaper too. Which is a good thing considering prices in Canada are over double american prices.
Thank goodness it was full service because I have no idea how to operate these pumps.
All along the highway people have erected these stone cairns in the shape of people.
Getting out of the car to play on the side of a highway must be a Canadian thing.
My Dad had forewarned me of a small region where the Massasauga rattle snake could be found. I had to go there.
We looked everywhere in Killbear Provincial Park with no luck.
Over here...

Over there.
None down there.
And he looked everywhere.
We ran all the trails in the park, at least 15km. Too beautiful to quit.
Quite a few miles over his proscribed daily limit, but oh well.
Camping was also great. We were the only ones in our loop.
Except for the bears of course.

"I love to be alone. I never found the companion that was so companiable as solitude." H.D. Thoreau
Well...except for this companion: