Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Cleared for Takeoff

Last week Cole had his last chemo treatment and final staging at Auburn University.  It was a very long day.
He was happy to be home.  I was happy to get a good report.  Liver and spleen clear of any disease. Everything seems to indicate that the chemo did was it was supposed to do:  suppress the cancer.  Small glitch: the ALP values were through the roof, implying his liver isn't a happy camper.  We're going to roll with it anyway.
Because we are happy campers.
Facial, anyone?
Hard to be evasive when Cole is laying on my chest.  Better to simply endure the exfoliation.
I even bought some new clothes for the trip...mostly for the dogs.
I did splurge for one hunter orange shirt to match my hat.  Don't hate me because I'm a fashion maven.
Each dog has their own backpack with their orange vests, life preservers, rain jackets, fleece jackets, etc, etc.
My compact car has an 800 lb cargo capacity.  The dogs and I use up 370 of that, leaving 430 lbs for all the food and supplies.  Considering I've taken 60 lbs of seats out, I have a little more leeway and space.  A little.
Who said you can't take it all with you?
Every dogs' meal is vacuum sealed to keep it fresher and prevent bears from breaking into my car.  Plus 32 cans of dog food for their toppings.  My food is all vacuum sealed too.  Yes, I do believe there are grocery stores in Maine.  But, you can't shop and leave three dogs unattended in a running air conditioned car, not these three anyway.  They play with the window controls.  
Besides, this is how I like to travel. I've charted my course, over 3000 miles, so I knew what to save up for fuel.  Camping is all prepaid.  Saved up for all the park fees.  Food is all bought.  Trip is 100% paid for.  No credit card charges chasing me down next month.  I can totally relax.  
All gassed up and ready to roll.
On your marks, get set, GO!
Making tracks to Maine!