Monday, October 3, 2016

Happy Birthday to Us

My dear friend and pen pal from Birmingham, Helene, shares my birthday.  Or should I say that I share hers, as she came first.
No typo. 
She's the real McCoy, living independently thanks to the help of angels, like Billie.
Conspiring with Billie, I plotted a surprise luncheon for Helene.  The Clampetts drove to Birmingham.  Yes, all of us.
The mushing team, under Pete's expert guidance, perfected the Drop and Sleep Maneuver.
Allowing us the leisure of a full afternoon to catch up.
Cole discovers that having a plump brother has cushy perks!
Helene has been mailing me packets of recipe clippings and editorials for a number of years now.  Only fitting that I repay the kindness by making her a meal based on her recipes.

Tortellini and Chicken in a homemade pesto cream sauce.
Plus Carrot and Ginger Cake with Orange Cream Cheese Icing. Helene has an eye for recipes that will turn out well.  This is the first time baking this variation of carrot cake-- it's the best, hands down.  Moist and zingy with the added ginger and orange.
I tried to leave all the food with Helene, but she insisted I take leftovers home.  So, I'm going to sign off now and slip into a diabetic coma after my third piece of cake for the day. 
Leaving you with this:
"Friends are the family you choose".