Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Daxo Turns 3!

The Golden child, despite all of his best suicide attempts, has made it to the ripe old age of 3.

Shocking and worth celebrating with a triathlon before work.

The sane child, Micah, never fully had a birthday party in January, so we did a two-for-one on June 1st.

True to Dax's maverick nature, we lost him twice while he took unscripted jaunts without us.

Not the we minded the 15 minute hiatus while the deer flies gnawed on us.

Dax embodies the Go For Broke attitude.  It's why I love him so.

There is only one Dax, a true blessing for our collective sanity.

A whole lot of neurotic for one little 60 pound body.

My own personal trainer.

3 mile run, 4 mile bike ride and a swim across the lake for the finale.

Helping me feed the horses.

Monday was a long day at work, my goal was to finish all my jobs in order to have a peaceful 3 days off to work on my camper.  When we rolled in at the house at 9 PM, I was exhausted, but I'd promised them grilled burgers for supper.
A promise is a promise.  We finished supper around midnight.  Most excellent day.

Happy birthday, kiddos.