Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Medical Release

 18 months after my first foot surgery, I have been cleared for running.  Truth is I had started trotting around back in Summer, but I'm officially off the chain now!

The 4 screws in my plate are holding firm.

The hole in my heel where they harvested bone for the graft still looks like a donut, but it's not like I slam my heel on the ground anymore...

...not with the bone spurs from years of plantar fasciitis.  Ah, the joys of being on your feet all day, every day for 35 years.

As long as they keep fixing me, I can keep living my life my way.

The nerve damage in my left foot may be permanent.  To be expected after cracking the top of my foot open twice.  It's a strange neuropathy.  Sometimes my toes will unfurl of their own accord, like they'd been run over by a cartoon steam roller, the pain clears my sinuses and then they contract back to normal.  Most times, sensation in my foot is so muted, it's like a whisper.  I have to be very cautious climbing ladders because I usually can't feel if my foot is on a wrung. Adds some excitement to mundane window washing!

First officially sanctioned run Dec 3, 5:18PM

Pedal to the metal, my friends.