Friday, July 26, 2013

Let the Vacation Begin

With Cole as my backseat driver, we left Auburn at 11PM on Wednesday heading for Washington, DC.  The plan was to do a bit of trail running along the way.  Unfortunately, I ended up taking too many cat nap stops.  After one such nap, I stopped to get gas and found a bat hanging from the pump.

Relocated poor little guy!

200 miles from DC, the construction and traffic was intense.  I made it to Dulles airport to collect my Dad, only 10 minutes late!

Dad and I will have four days to hang out in the DC area.

Our first event was a Gordon Lightfoot concert Thursday night at the Filene Center.  The Wolf Trap and Filene are encompassed in a 117 acre park in Vienna, VA.  It's managed by the US National Parks Service.  It's the only park devoted to the performing arts.  The wooden ampitheatre has phenomenal acoustics.  It seats 3500, plus room for 3000 more on the lawn outside.  Dad and I were only 14 rows from the stage!

inside the Filene Center

Cole, Dad and I went for a run down a rails to trails course in Vienna and that made us late for dropping Cole off at his overnight spa and we had no choice but to go to the concert in our grubby running clothes.  Oh well!

Well, Cole awaits, he spent the night at a resort--gotta go!