Friday, August 29, 2014

Fishing Buddies

Fishing is not part of my skill set.  I took fly fishing lessons and caught five bottom-dwelling catfish.  I live on a property with two stocked ponds, but have never caught anything.  
I have found the solution:  the buddy system.
#1 find someone else who knows how to fish:

#2  and let me do the paddling.

Two weeks ago, Dr. Kjar and I hopped in the canoe and trolled around the pond.  He caught 5 big bass.  Don't believe me, ask Cole, he was there.  We threw them all back.
This Friday, we took the peddle boat instead (easier for a man in his 90's to disembark).  We didn't have much luck until I switched from peddling to using the canoe paddle to more quietly troll.  That's when they began striking (new fishing lingo I learned tonight).
Dr. Kjar landed 3 and we took two home.

What an awesome way to spend a Friday evening.
Have I mentioned the multi-million dollar view around here?

My father had an expression when I was a child:  "a face only a mother could love on payday".  I never knew if that was a bad thing, or a good thing.
 Must be a good thing.  How can anyone resist kissing that face?

Back at the house, Dr. Kjar got front row seating for horse feeding time.
Settling in for a supper of poached bass and homegrown mashed potatoes.
Working together, I reckon it wouldn't take us long to fill my freezer!