Thursday, December 17, 2015

Love Thy Pet

The Master of Disaster has his own health insurance coverage.  Better than mine, actually.
Remember the fiasco from this Fall?
My bank account shan't soon forget.  Two thousand four hundred dollars and some change to put Humpty Dumpty back together again after the snake bite saga.
I finally completed all the paperwork to file a claim two weeks ago.
Tip of the hat to Trupanion Pet Insurance... I'm getting 90% reimbursed.
They're self underwritten and have the most benevolent staffers.  Take note vultures at my own Blue Cross Blue Shield.
$45 a month buys me piece of mind. And him extra lives.
"Who me?"  
Yes, you, Mr. Mayhem.

He is loved and cherished, especially by his physiotherapist at AU.
Guess who got the first Christmas gift of the Smith household?

Home baked dog treats.
He's miffed about sharing though.
Insert biscuit and retract fingers.

I often say that I may not be rich, but I'm the wealthiest woman in the world.  My family consists of one humanoid and many critters.  We stick together, like glue, in defiance of logic, reason or fiscal gain.  Point:  
Names were scratched out to prevent my parents from finalizing the sale! 
I have a 15k pasture ornament.  And it gives me kisses and follows me through the woods like a puppy.  Angus will not be loaded up on a trailer and shipped off. 

Sorry.  My horse affliction is chronic and irreversible.