Sunday, December 27, 2015

Plotting and Planning

Spontaneous getaways have never in been my vocabulary.  At one point, I had 12 dogs.  Later, I had 10 horses. 

 No grabbing a bargain last minute flight to Europe, because you can't throw 30 bales of hay out and hope for the best. Every trip has to be well choreographed and planned far in advance.

 Which, is a task I relish almost as much as the actual trip.  
So, that is why 10 months in advance, I'm beginning my preparations for our North West adventure.  Cole and I lack 10 states to complete our USA running challenge.  This was to be our Cross country skiing trip.
We have two extra side kicks this year, two more to get tangled up in the lines, two more to wrap me around a tree.
Besides, I lack the budget to dress 3 dogs for skijoring.
Cole, styling and profiling with snug body vest, skijoring harness, no slip hat and leg hoses to keep ice from cutting his legs.  All courtesy of Howling Dog Alaska, not Walmart priced either. 
Besides, finding accommodations for one large dog is always challenging... to find a room for a mushing team, probably impossible. And I'm not sleeping in a tent in Wyoming in February.
Plan B:  late Summer trip to Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon and Wyoming.
Hours spent tearing down the subcompact Korean car.

Presenting to new Dog Mobile, finally fits one adult and three large dogs.  Only one adult as only a single seat and seat belt remaining. Plus passenger side air bags disabled!
Montana, ready or not, here we come-- in approx 10 months.
Garrett:  "What are we waiting for?"
Pete:  "Wake me when we get there."