Thursday, January 14, 2016

Say cheez

On Tuesday, epicureanism arrived to the backwoods of Alabama.  My dearest friend from Canada sent me a box of raw, unpasteurized, award winning artisan cheese.  It made it through customs, somehow.
These pictures are for my uncle.  Mononcle Jean, avoid drooling on your keyboard...

Frechette makes Boursin look like Cheez Whiz.

Zacharie cloutier, missing a huge chunk!

Laliberte soft cheese.

Bleu d'Elizabeth, a blue to make you blue lovers weep.

My favorite among favorites:  Louis D'or.  
I can never go back to regular cheese.  Thank you, Anne-Marie, for the incredible gift!

For all of you back home, she suggests going to the Fromagerie du Presbytere's annual cheese festival in Sainte-Elizabeth-de-Warwick, usually in July.  Should you go...send me some more Louis D'or!!!