Saturday, January 23, 2016

Tropical Tidings

Late Friday evening, a Chinook wind brought snow flurries. Not enough to merit making snow angels, but enough to put me in the most jolly mood. 

The winds have been howling at 20 mph from night, through the day.  My phone informed that by noon, it had gone from feeling like 13'F in the morning to 32'F.  Balmy!
I think I went through half a tube of Chapstick today.  But, what a day! 
My phone never rang, nor did I call out; just me, the dogs and the horses.
Nary a moment stuck indoors.  I think my next house may be a yurt. Who needs a fancy house when you can have a barn? 
The only wrinkle in my day:  an unknown assailant tried to scalp my favorite horse.
There's a horse in the herd who needs muzzling. 
No riding him for a good while, wound the length of my hand.
Tonight's low 24' F, absolutely frigid with the wind chill. I've no curiosity to see what frost bite can do to raw flesh, hence the Mr. Bean bandage. And it's still on-- we may have to clip it off!
Home from work means you take off your jacket and put it back on.
I don't like a warm house. Except in the Summer, then it can get in the mid 80's.  The closer it is to outdoor temps, the less struggle it is for my body to adapt to working outside.  Or am I plain weird?
I was planning to eat supper by the fireplace, then do my taxes.

The Dogs had other plans.
I'm somewhere in the scrum.
In lieu of tax prep, Cole has lured me to our down filled nest.

I've been engrossed with Upton Sinclair's novel "The Jungle".  A Lithuanian immigrant family  beset by calamity after tragedy after tragedy.  They work as slaves for the slaughter houses and starve and freeze at night.  No happy ending, I'm sure, but still I read on.  Highly recommended! Really.