Monday, July 4, 2016

Cole's Birthday Weekend

The Kid turned 9 on Sunday. 
 Friday night, party zone...
In the tent, set up in the living room.
Tradition dictates that on our birthdays, we go running, hiking and camping.  With his chemo treatments and a sutured incision site slowly healing even at one month out...
... we put a twist on tradition!
Plus, with Pete and Garrett joining us in Maine this Fall, I need to familiarize them with the concept of tent living.
Unsure of the novelty at first.
"Mom, he's touching me, make him stop."
Just like in our real bed, I have to wedge myself between the two to keep the peace.


Imagine two weeks of this and crammed in a small car with all our supplies.
This is the gear that I pulled out of the closet... not the food, water, clothes, harnesses. 
Yes, harnesses, plural.  Cole has three mushing harnesses, but they don't fit the thicker boys.  Nor do I have proper lines,yet...already being shipped from my Alaskan source.
Until then, we improvise.

The first mile consisted of more untangling than walking. Mile 2:

Cole is all business when he's in a harness.  The other two quickly found out that there will be no tinkle stops made at every shrub.  If Cole didn't know his Gees, Haws and Whoas, we would never have made it past the driveway.  
Exercise is essential to burn off this:
"Steak, my favorite!"
"Boxes, my second favorite."
As neither one us is supposed to be running, I planned a treasure hunt for him.  Unfortunately, he had plans of his own.  Here's a video montage.
Happy Birthday, Cole!