Friday, December 9, 2016

Cancer Resurrected

Wednesday, I had the bright idea to overbook myself with veterinary appointments. It looked great on paper. The cattle at the Auburn University Large Animal Hospital for trims at 9:45. Cole in for cancer staging, next door at the Small Animal Clinic, at 10. And Pete for an osteopathic evaluation at 10:30. 
Problems arose with cattle loading at 7.
Daphne couldn't be caught. One look at the trailer and she was off galloping. Tommy... dear Tommy, he put up a mighty struggle. 
He's the only one who made the trip to the vet school. Daphne wins this battle, but not the war.
Cole was kept all day for testing.
Pete ended up staying all day for his tests too. He was not impressed.

Garrett and I tried to provide moral support.
We were unappreciated. 
Tommy was trailered back to the farm at noon. Garrett and I turned around and ran back to the vet school to be greeted with bad news. 
His cancer has metastasized to his spleen. He's not feeling any pain, no discomfort. The prognosis is 2-3 months, maybe a couple of months more with a new therapy protocol. Bottom line is that it looks like we have less than 100 days to spend together. 
Considering how I shouldhave lost him 100 times over in the past decade due to all his misadventures, I'm staying grateful that we've had such a long run.

And what an unbelievable great run it has been. No reason we can't make the last bit count. Love you, Cole.