Sunday, December 17, 2017


If I say 80 Hail Marys will Cole forgive me for the travesty brought upon our Smith clan called Dax? 
December 15th--- 5 months since Cole and I said goodbye.  I let the montage of all my memories of him run free in my head all day, no matter how sad.

There's no replacing Cole, nor would I want to.  Main goal now is to keep Dax alive until his sanity prevails.  Herculean task...
In spite of two full blast runs per day, Dax finds the energy to attempt suicide daily.  My hope is to drive to Canada this winter.  I don't know if I can get him to fly straight and act right before then.
One thing for sure, he will not be riding shotgun.  The ride to the Boonies is short, this is his behavior the entire time.

 Hence why he's been quarantined to steerage class in the back. 
I hate to curb anyone's enthusiasm, but this is getting ridiculous.
Sunday morning he electrocuted himself.  

Let's rewind to Friday night first.  The breaker to my furnace had been acting up--perfect timing, it hit 24'F here Saturday morning.  Rather than having a buzzing, overloaded breaker overheat and catch fire, I decided to rough it. I have a onesie pyjama---bring it on.

Two days until the electrician can be here, I'm tough. So, 53'F is noticeably colder than my usual 65'F.
Fast forward to Sunday morning.  My back door is open because it's as cold inside as outside!  I'm in the kitchen when the lights go out simultaneously as a yelp from the carport.  I can plainly see that dumb@%$ has chewed through the block heater cord of my truck, throwing the breaker.  Does he slink away whining?  No, he doubles back and pulls the cord all the way out of the truck.  So, I'm standing at the back door watching this... next to the breaker box... is it terrible that I thought about throwing the breaker back on?  
While I work, he's chilling in his crate, my foul mood dissipates when a friend brings me a Yakima cargo box that I'd bought on Craigslist.  New, they retail over $500 plus over $100 in shipping.  This little beauty was $150! 

So what if it requires modifying my roof rack a little bit.  No worries, I am a professional.

I'll test it a few hundred miles around town before loading it for the Canadian Adventure... with my boys and the Dax Demon.  No matter what, we are going as a family unit. Dammit! 

Sunday night, I'm trying to wrap up this week's work schedule, it's past 6, I want to go home.  The heathen that was playing in the barn's aisle runs back into the office and pukes at me feet. If he wasn't eating everything unmentionable, he'd probably be bigger than his current 47 pounds. I'm wasting my money on premium organic dog food, he loses his lunch at least every other day.  Apparently bugs, dirt, pebbles, twigs and plastics knobs are more savory.
I borrow a space heater and park it in front of him for the evening.

Must be tiring being a moron.
When he refuses supper, I sit beside him and spoon feed him.  Who's the moron now?

If I pop air vents in the cargo box, imagine how peaceful my drive to Canada may be...