Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Smith Deer Processing

A couple Sundays ago, on the eve of my day off,I'm waiting on a home delivery.

Not FedEx, but better!

Organic, free range on the hoof food.  So fresh a kill that it needs to be bled out and gutted.
Garrett, who single handedly provided us with a deer last year, sees the doe and wants to reenact it for me.

Got the butchering process going.  

He's so helpful. 
With freezing temperatures overnight, I can leave the carcass hanging from the gambrel set up on my truck (Smith Portable Abattoir) until the morrow when I could dedicate an entire day to processing.

Shanks for a recipe I'd been wanting to try and neck bones for an osso buco recipe.

Instead of packaging large cuts that will get cast aside in the bottom of the freezer, I'm preparing everything for individual recipes.  Time devoted now will save buckets of time later.

Marinating the heart.

Weighing out my recipe portions.

Processing the 5 gallons of venison stock made with all the scrap cuts.

I love my kitchen, it can go from pastry chic to downright industrial in a snap. And it means I get to pull out all my toys: meat grinder, dehydrator for the jerky...

The final leg roast done by 10PM.  Now that's a well spent day.

Venison and vegetable soup made the next day.

Super scrumptious venison chili made yesterday.

It's the gift that keeps on giving.  Nope, I'll never go hungry now that I have friends in high places (deer stands).