Tuesday, April 3, 2018

10 Months Old...

Sometimes I indulge in reverie, look ahead at the little white nub of a tail that my old legs are trying to follow at a pace not my own...

...I imagine it's Cole incarnate. Then the bubble burst and I'm reminded I've fallen in love with the most impertinent, uncivil, ill-bred German.

Bless his heart, he can't help himself.  I've given up crying, raging and threatening to kill him, laughter plus another year of saintly patience and I should have a gallant gentleman on my hands--- or at least a dog that won't have daily matricidal thoughts running through his pea brain.  
And yet, I look forward to both my daily runs.  To greet the sun and tuck it into bed.
It's what me, Dax, Peter and Garrett do:  we are a pack, we travel together.
Nightly ritual:  we all three split and apple before falling asleep.  

Teamwork. Every night.

My gentlemen and the heathen.

The face of a chubby angel.

The other angel.

Now if I could carve out more than the narrow strip of bed assigned to me!