Sunday, December 30, 2018


FINALLY I will have my glasses.  

I spent some quality time Saturday afternoon at an optician's.  Dr. Uzoho had forewarned me that glasses with prisms cost 'an arm and a leg'.  So, I braced myself for the cost of a pair of regular glasses and reader to be about $1500.  Due to internet and phone problems all day long at the store, the three staff members were vexed, frazzled and impatient.  I was and remained the only client.  Seeing folks having a rough day, my inner comedian came out and I used the store as my stage.  I went the full monty. I shall hereon out be known as Crazy Four Eyes.

The associate helping me, now knowing about my job and my predilection for accidents, had suggested glasses with an elastic strap, that's when my Carol Burnett side popped out for a visit and stayed.

By the fifth try, the computer system stopped timing out and losing all the inputted data, and finally accepted the order... I had 3 pairs of glasses.
Prescription safety sunglasses!!! 3 pairs for the price of one.  $750!  The store manager voided all six extra charges for the 6 prism lenses.  Thy should be ready within 10 days.
All through December it has been like Christmas morning every single day.  I'm beyond grateful-- in awe at how fortunate I am to always find and be surrounded by the kindest people.I can't promise my texts will no longer need deciphering, but I feel lucky!


  1. I'm so excited for you! Merry Christmas!

  2. Wonderful! You truly deserve everything you get. (The good things, not the bad!) Heaven knows you get enough of that! You give me strength every single day to get through this so called life and always make me laugh, sometimes cry, but my constant reminder to carry on is the, I guess you would call it a phrase is "WWJD". What Would Jamie Do? So happy for this good news with your vision. Hang in there, Sister. Maybe someday we will be well!

  3. WWJD? How about WWGD? You're the one with superhuman tenacity and heart!!!