Friday, December 28, 2018

Learning to Love Atlanta

Once upon a time, I hated Atlanta.  Loathed it.  Avoided it like the traffic laden plague it is.  
My tune has changed since I've been a patient a Emory University's Eye Clinic and Heart Clinic this year.

The corneal specialist, Dr. Behshad, gave me hope 3 months ago that if my eyes could be stabilized, there was hope that I could see normally again.

This doctor devotes himself to promoting and expanding specialized ophthalmic care to Syrian refugees in Jordan.  I knew I'd found the right doctor.
Dr. Behshad referred me to his colleague, Dr. Ozoho after my 3 months had elapsed.

Yet another physician who dedicates his spare time to helping patients around the globe. This Nigerian born Canadian specialist deals specifically with eye movement disorders and binocular vision (double vision).  
Dr. Uzoho spent over an hour AND a half working with me trying to figure out why my double vision at a distance is the reverse up close.  DEDICATION.  His office manager left for the day, then his appointment manager left, still he worked to map out why my brain can't make sense of the input fed to it by my eyes.

SUCCESS! First time since Oct 2017 that I can see without double vision.  First time in even more years that I can see up close, not as I am now with +3.50 reading glasses still guessing at what my phone texts read.
I AM ELATED.  I can't wait to have these prescriptions filled and get my glasses. I'll never be able to wear contacts again, at this point, who cares!  Bring on my fancy glasses with prisms in them.  

The cherry on the icing, they never had to dilate my eyes.
To celebrate this day, I took my happy little self to the Bodies Exhibit in downtown Atlanta.  Been on my bucket list for years.

Real human cadavers dissected and preserved by plasticination.

Don't you sit at your kitchen table reading without your skin on???

My favorite:  the entire human blood vessel system preserved with a system called corrosive casting whereby a polymer is injected into the circulatory system and the rest of the body is dissolved, now that's what I love about freaking science!!!
Atlanta really rocks.
Total disclosure here:  I stumbled upon a newly opened slow food cafe that served the weirdest cauliflower tahini sandwich with the best harissa infused pickled carrots. But that's not the part I have to confess about.  It's the pain au chocolat pastry that rivals any I've had in France that I'm fully admitting to eating ALL of it.  Be damned my sugar free month, this was worth the Mulligan!!!

Getting home to the same house I left many, many hours earlier.  No shredded curtains, no eviscerated pillows, no tracking through separation anxiety diarrhea, nothing to greet me but kisses... priceless.