Sunday, March 29, 2020

Micah Turned 1!

Poor Micah.  The redheaded stepchild living in the glare of the Golden Child, Dax.  

He turned 1 on January 27th.  There was no celebration, no birthday burger, no ice cream, nothing.  I was in week 2 of a full time semester of business classes at Columbus State University and I was struggling mightily.  I negotiated a postponement on the party.

And this was the Big Party over a month later.

Hours slaving in the evenings in the workshop to scavenge from a go cart to add to my creation.

Dax loves it, without brakes we'd be in Albuquerque by now.  Micah would like to return his gift. Nonplussed.

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Somehow I will find a way to convince Micah that this is FUN.  Besides, I'm not supposed to be biking until mid summer on my foot with screws and plate, so I need Puppy Power. We shall prevail. Stay tuned.