Monday, April 20, 2020


24  hours.  Watch what can happen in the span from Sunday afternoon to the next day:
Prepare for another day and night of rough weather.

Batten down the hatches and bring 'em all in.

Let them out to stretch in between rumbles of thunder, shovel a lot of manure, then herd them all back in again.
photo courtesy Dr. Carattini

Dry them all off.

Feed, repeat, muck stalls, over and over again through the evening and night.

Try to submit homework before the midnight deadline and have lightning knock the internet out.

Don't worry, I have a gadget that boost my cell phone signal whereby I can tether to my laptop.  Didn't know I had evolved out of the Jurassic Age?  I'm still behind millenials, but I'm nipping at their heels now.

Coax Peter out from under the sofa bed and attempt to sleep around 2 AM.  He's shaking so hard it's like being in a cheap motel in the 70's with the coin operated vibrating bed. 
Give up, play with the horses until 6 AM.  Feed and release.

Leave the barn and go home for breakfast.  Discover Peter left something important at the barn:  his entire nail.

Play doctor.  Running on no sleep at this point, try to nap.  Peter says:  "my foot hurts, hold me".  

Leave to go check property for damages.  We did get 7" rain in less than 24 hrs.

Take Dumb and Dumber with me.  

Get a report of loose cows.  Investigate.

Discover at least 20 bovine vagrants messing with my beehive.  Contact owners.

Finish property rounds and, thankfully, have 2 tired puppies.  

Check on my patient.  Still wearing his bandage.  A+.

Return to feed horses and clean the stalls.  
Get ready to leave work by 6:30, walk out arms loaded, can't find my ride... because I walked to work!!!  So tired and now righteously pissed off that I walk the 1/3 mile home carrying my bags of trash.  When will this day END? Feeling crispy by now.

At my gate, Adjanie is waiting to greet me with dessert.  Still warm.  I forget what I was so pissed about and take my trophy back to my lair.

At least I'm not as messy as Micah.  Good Lord, he redecorates at every meal.
You'd think after not sleeping since Saturday, I'd be counting sheep by now, but it's hard to doze off when you phone keeps alerting you that "something" is too close to your beehive.
That's it.  I'm about to go 'Night of the Living Dead' on some cattle.  Anyone have room in their freezers... 

Even if I have to camp out in my truck tonight, they are not messing with 30,000 black and yellow girls...haven't told you about that adventure either?  Have I?  


  1. I'm exhausted reading this. They had straight line winds at 80 mph out at the cabin on Lake Martin, just up the road less then a mile and on into Dadeville. We got lucky there. Neighbor has cleaned up the yard of limbs and debris, luckily none of the debris was from the house. I hope you get some sleep soon.

    1. Another friend in Dadeville sent me pictures of the wrecked RV's at a park. So much destruction. Glad the Badger Den is A OK.