Saturday, October 31, 2020

Diversity and Inclusiveness

 Terms I've learned from my Business Management course.  I've always called it 'different'.  As a neighbor commented on the staff that's come through the farm, 'an assortment of folks', he called it. What can I say, I like there to be variety in everything, it makes life richer. I love different!

That not only translates to staff, but the little biome here at the farm.  A tenacious patch of passionflower vines has established itself in one of the pastures.  

The previous manager once told me the only thing to get rid of it is 2-4D.  As soon as he left, I properly disposed of all his 2-4D and the host of chemicals he doused this place with. 

As long as it's not taking over or toxic to the horses, the passionflower vine was invited to stay.  Why? This is why:

Zebra Butterflies.

The caterpillar of the zebra butterfly only eats one thing:  passionflower vines.  The butterflies can get nectar from flowers, but they can never morph into a butterfly without passionflower vines.  

I'd read that their range was now limited mostly to Florida, but I waited for 5 years to see if maybe,  just maybe, my little patch of passionflower vine could sustain a new colony.

Jackpot.  We've been practicing diversity and inclusiveness for 6 years here on the farm.  Didn't need a textbook to instruct me on how it makes everything better.