Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fly Fishing

Three weeks of fly fishing classes ended tonight.  5 evenings spent practicing casting on a campus lawn, at a busy intersection, getting jeered by passing motorists--finally we got to try our luck on a real lake.

After many bungled attempts, I got a bite.  I was so excited, mostly surprised. 

My friend had presented with a wonderful gift:  a starter kit of his own hand made flies.  Little dude in the middle right chamber is what I used.  Wiggly legged dragon, or something like that.  I love the names!  One of them in there is apparently called a woolly booger.

I bought an inexpensive rod from Cabela's, but I wasn't about to fork over any more money on a I made my own with a cardboard tube, an old cosmetic case for the reel and leftover party Duck Tape to waterproof the whole thing.  Hey, it won't get lost in the grass, no one will want to steal it, but alas, it doesn't shoot confetti!

The other guys at the class were beginning to have some luck.  The one with the lightest rod caught the biggest bass.  The clown with the confetti shooter was having a wickedly good streak of beginner's luck.  5! 

Here's my instructor, Paul, holding my catfish.  They were a little mystified as to how I managed to catch two catfish.  Beats me, lieutenant!

My first haul of fish caught with a fly rod.

They need to have a class on how to clean fish.  It took me 20 minutes to get one fish done.  It's a gonna be a long night!