Wednesday, April 30, 2014

All's Well That Ends Well

Last night's rounds of storms were predicted to be worse than the previous night's.

Considering this is what happened on the other side of the county, I was preparing to spend the entire night in my storm shelter, or as my friend, Gina, dubbed it:  the Tomb of Doom.
The back flooding issue has, hopefully, been rectified. 
I have a 4" ventilation stack on the bunker, but I wondered if it was sufficient for a long 12 hr stretch.  Online research uncovered a 1960's era experiment on the matter.  Remember, this is the time of the Cuban missile crisis when atomic bunkers were popping up everywhere, a time before guidelines were adopted for the use of animals in experiments, a time where an Air Force serviceman was just a guinea pig. 
It appears that without an intake and exhaust stack, I don't have enough air circulation in my shelter for an overnight sojourn.  Apparently.... it wouldn't be a good idea to fall asleep in there...
Knowledge is good.
Having an invitation to overnight next door in a big sturdy brick house is better.
The little piggy who lives in the straw house gathered up her posse and spent a very uneventful night at a house where they serve homemade strawberry ice cream.