Thursday, May 29, 2014

Just Bragging

New gadgets and vegetables to brag about:

Tommy sizes up the competition.

A friend gave me a long term lease on her electric mower.  A new toy!  The ever expanding flower beds around here have turned a straight forward mowing job for Dr P into the obstacle course from Hell.  Isn't all that much grass left to cut, my wee wittle mower is fun to use!

The sauerkraut making process is messing with my sense of order.  To keep the 20 L crock at 65'F, I had to Jerry rig a cooler on its side with ice packs around the crock.  Only 6 more weeks of this to go.  The compost pile may get it, should my patience run out.

Onion harvest.

Potato harvest being coveted by lover of spherical flying objects.

Photo art by Kim

Cole has been hired by the vet school therapeutic clinic to help with an Open House demonstration next week.  Get his autograph now before the fame goes to his head!