Monday, June 1, 2015

Celestial Descent

Don't you too wish you had an angel on speed dial?
Sorry to have to break this to you, but my guardian angel even travels with a posse:
Jason, Jon, Davis and Daniel, the names they use when they're here on Earth anyway...

My horses had seriously overgrazed an unimproved pasture that was allotted to us. Too many irons in the fire and no time or money available to rectify the problem. Until now. Weeks socking money away until Sunday when I hit speed dial:
Davis leading Bella.  Myself, Axel and Angus in the lead heading 1.5 miles to a temporary pasture.
Through the woods and on to a place with lush, green grass.
Meanwhile. the crew was methodically disassembling my previous temporary electric fencing.

It may not look like much, but this is a few thousand feet of neatly coiled electric tape.  When I originally borrowed this electric fence system, the tapes were rolled up into rat nest, it took hours to untangle them.  I still have nightmares about it.
To get ready to string new electric fence, I had to have 16 corner posts sunk and concreted in before my pit crew arrived. Tied up with other jobs, my farm assistants and I didn't start until noon on Saturday.
Farm Assistant #1, always there, ready to help or get under foot.
Farm Assistant #2, prefers mostly to watch me work from the comfort of the truck seat:
By the last post, I was getting delirious... dehydrated and fatigued from mixing 16 bags of concrete and pushing it around in a wheel barrow all over tarnation.
Dead and done.  I am a mere mortal after all, unlike the Angel Crew.  They try appear like normal humans in order to pass undetected.  I think they've perfected their Redneck accents:
You be the judge.
I should have heeded their warning, a bad storm was a comin'.  By the time I decided to shut down operations and bail, it was too late.  Driving the four wheeler the mile or so back to my house was a refreshing experience.  The rain was driving so hard, my eyes were burning.  Davis, driving the mule, should have been less soaked, but he had to raise the windshield because he couldn't see the trail. 
Drowned rats:
May they alight upon the farm next weekend!