Sunday, June 28, 2015

Time Off

My mother was seriously dismayed that no photographic evidence exists of the fun I had with the last group who came to stay at the farm.  Caterer, kayaking instructor, landscaper, stable hand, janitor, personal shopper, all in my job description.  Absent from the list:  in-house paparazzi.  Sorry.  
To make up to Mom, here are pictures of my doings over the past few days.  I took half days off... mega fun crammed into every nook and cranny.
On Friday, I spent two hours running the trails.  Then sped off to the gym to play with my trainer, Ryne.  
Two decades of experimenting has shown that in order to keep me balanced, I need a minimum of an hour per day of vigorous activity.  Sports preferred, but physical labor can do in a pinch.  Take that away from me and:

No lie.  Ask my ex-husband.  Out of the blue, I could morph into Cato from The Pink Panther.  It was on when he would sneak around the house saying:  "Cato, where are you?"
Ah, the good old days.  Now I have to pay someone to spar with me three times a week.  My one hour sessions with Ryne routinely run much longer.  To the point where the stars of Ursa Major, Centuarus and Orion all float around in my head.  Bliss.
My mom complains that I don't own any nice clothes.  Fine.  I saved up and bought myself some nice new leather gloves.  Happy now?
Returning from the gym, I found a couple friends (victims) waiting for me at home.  So, you want to say hello to my little friends. Never trust me when I have Cheshire Cat smile.

"Mira, Miguel, how can we play if you insist on falling down all the time?"
Yup, Friday was an excellent day.  Hard to beat.
Unless, it's Saturday.  I drove 260 miles, round trip, to attend the annual sale at my favorite nursery, Petals from the Past.  6:45 AM, I was queued up to enter Heaven:
This area is normally closed off to the public.   Rare shrubs, perennials, all deeply discounted.  Be still my beating heart.

After plundering this area, I wandered up to the nursery and did some more damage.
Filled my truck slap full.  Thank God I opted not to bring my trailer!
It would be criminal to go to Chilton County, Alabama and not buy fruit.
Famously good peaches.
Divine blueberries.
Blackberries the size of your thumb!
Sunday is looking good too...