Thursday, June 11, 2015

Hypocritical Me

Life in all its forms, I cherish and respect it.
Plant life:
All my transplants survived and are attempting to thrive.

Bird life:
All the torrential rain put an end to the Kingbird nest in my carport.  Five unhatched eggs, their second brood this year, all smashed on the ground.  They were trying to rebuild, but needed some engineering help.
Oh yes, I proceeded to shamelessly interfere with Mother Nature.  So sue me.
I offered a little structural support!

Offering some emotional support to Pete:
Ye old farm dog is suffering from PTSD  (Post Traumatic Shredding Disorder).  This canine termite chewed a door and two windows in his attempt to break out of the barn.  He was successful, BTW.

Where I lack respect:
Anything or anyone that can potentially hurt me, people around me, my horses, my cattle, my dogs and COLE (the kid who doesn't think he's a dog).
The severed head of a very large timber rattler.  Unfortunately for this remarkable specimen, he was lounging underfoot and a stone's throw away from my horses and the house.  We were trying to unload a shipment of pine straw.  Bad timing, dude.
Barney Fife and her 357 Magnum (not exactly the reason I'm always packing, but proves that you just never know):
I know, I know, I am a fashion maven... even went to the feed store dressed like this. They are my people, they put up with me.
We counted 14 rattles = years.  Such a pity to have to dispatch it, but not in my backyard...