Sunday, August 2, 2015

Only in Alabama

Saturday, the day was spent pressure washing for my boss.  I came home, with the pressure washer on my trailer... and that's all she wrote.  I couldn't stop, I couldn't help myself.  I pressure washed my roof (it was dingy), my house (forgive me Father, it had been 9 months since I last did it), my truck (underside was muddy), my car (innocent bystander), chainlink fence (algae on it), deck chairs (never use them, but might some day) and both chicken coops (hens can claim collateral damage). 

Sunday morning, I'm still pooped and my back hurts, so I'm web surfing and what do I find:  an Alabamian gem.  
Yes, only in Alabama can you have cremated remains encased in usable bullets.

I cannot make this up.  The website is priceless:

My ribs still hurt from laughing.  I told Cole about it.  He said sign me up Mom.  Cole -- a squirrels worst nightmare, even after death.
Hmmm, to be able to take Cole hunting even after he's gone.  Maybe these guys aren't that crazy...
Only in Alabama.