Thursday, August 6, 2015

Stealing the Spotlight

Yesterday was Tommy's birthday.  A whole 8 years old.  Did we get to celebrate?
Did he get a birthday bath?  Noooo.

Guess who stole his thunder?  Just guess.
The dude with spots.
Now he has two new spots to add to his collection.
Somebody was bitten by a venomous snake.  Idiot dog.  I didn't notice it right away...  The swelling around his knee clued me in yesterday that something was amiss, more than the regular knee sprain he occasionally gets.
This is why he has full coverage veterinary insurance, he gets into more trouble.  He must have been bit when we were out running together in the morning.  He's tethered to me 99% of the time... which is scary.  Probably scarier for the serpent who felt a herd of buffalo coming down the trail towards him, them being trampled by 6 feet.
Thankfully, the wound wasn't envenomed much-- thank goodness we were travelling fast, not any time to latch on!
Emergency mayday went out to his physiotherapist and his vet.  Tip of the hat to my amazing pit crew.  With the meds suggested, the swelling has gone down this morning.  We may both live!
For the next few day, this will be his post:
Cole has been benched.