Thursday, August 4, 2016

Out Of The Darkness

At this point, I'm so burned out that I'm extra crispy.  But, on Wednesday, let there be light!

 I arrive at the vet school with my very lame ox and the sidekick cow.

Poor Tommy, he almost looks worse after his treatment!

Daphne gets a regular trim and I ask the vets to palpate her udder.  It's awfully big.  I'm assured it's only fat.
But, once on the tilt table, the straps squeeze her udder and look what happens...
She's lactating!!! She's nowhere near pregnant.  Another medical anomaly.  Here's my dilemma:  do I go ahead and enjoy the bounty and milk her twice a day for the next few months and miss my vacation, or do I ask the vets to dry her up and I go to Maine.
I'm so excited.  I have a real cow.  I love my Daphne!
To have my own milk again!!!
I'm beside myself with joy.  But, I opt to let them treat her with the intramammary injection of dry cow formula.  
Suffices me to know I have a real cow, not some fancy lawn ornament.  The head of the dairy herd came to see -- he'd sold her because they couldn't get her pregnant again.  I told him she's lactating on her own, no bull!  (get it?)
One happy camper to be home again!
Pasteurizing my bounty.
The best cup of coffee I've had in years.
Have I mentioned that I love my little Daphne?
Milk as a snack and a baked custard for supper.  I'm in lactose heaven.