Saturday, January 28, 2017

Oregon Bound

This was the dismal discharge information we received on Jan 3 from Cole's staging.  He's responding well to his new chemo regiment, but the clock is ticking more loudly than ever.
Life isn't about how many toys you've had, it's about the memories you've made.  We lack 5 states in the NW to complete our cross country odyssey.  Short survival time...sounds like this is our last opportunity to make more memories.
Cole has his skijoring clothes and harness.  
Ditto on the snowsuit.
Pete now has a snowsuit too.
Doesn't Garrett's derriere look darling in his?
Even have longjohns for them.
Boots too.
Pete, it turns out, is the hardest to dress.
He's a clown.
A clever one too, he can unfasten a boot faster than I can put another on.

Video of the goofball.

We're all ready:  reservations made,
we won't be camping this time.
 Snow tires get put on the car next week...
We're doing it:  Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon and Wyoming in February.

Life is the only game in town.  Play hard and play for keeps.