Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Adapt and Overcome

My dread of ladders and heights convinced me to put a house painting project on hold for, oh, a few months.
It's on my calendar, July 11, we're doing it.  New shakes and soffits and trim.  Oh joy.
By noon I'm discouraged, ready to shelve the remainder of the work for another few months.  The breezeway roof is too steep to stand on and it's blocking access to big spans of walls.  Then there's the peak of the roof that's higher than our extension ladder.
Enter serendipitous wisdom.  My colleague said to me this morning, and I paraphrase, don't quote me:  "I don't set out believing I can't do something.  If someone else can do it, why can't I figure it out?"  
Indeed, why can't we figure it out?  We may not be professional painters, nor have scaffolding, harnesses, but, we're Farm Team.  
Get your sissy scaffolding out of our way, John Deere coming through.
Video at:
July heat could've been worse, but the temps stayed below 100'F, the gods were smiling upon us.

Never give up.
Until it's done.