Saturday, July 15, 2017

The greatest adventure

Cole went to the other side July 15, 2017.  He lived 14 months after his diagnosis, much, much more than had officially been allotted to him.  And we savored every day.  Thanks to everyone who has cared for him, special thanks to our Dr. Nikki Brown who has literally provided 24 hour support, late night appointments, everything we wished for in the last two months of palliative care.  Some people are devoted,then there are those who go beyond.

                           (Photo courtesy of Mark Rikard Photography)

                                Tribute to my teacher, Cole.
He's free now, running like the wind, terrorizing all the cats beyond the Rainbow Bridge.  Hopefully, Jinx, Mavis, Mack, Bella, the whole rest of my family have rolled out the red carpet for him.  There's over 40 of them there now, and 7 of us still here.  
Garret, Pete and I still have more work over here, eventually we'll be done too.  Wait for us, I'll never stop looking for you.