Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Cyclops on the Loose

This year has been nothing but a barrel of laughs. Tuesday I forked over $1200 for another surgery. My portion of the +$5000 cataract and dislocated lens surgery.  Better than having to foot the entire bill, but still demoralizing when your credit card is maxed out with only medical bills.  For this kind of money, I'm demanding night vision, X-ray capabilities and thermal imagery.

I may request a refund.  New eyeball lens is so blurry, I've taped cotton over it to keep it shut.  Having both eyes open makes me nauseated.  
As the surgery was more involved than a routine cataract surgery, they had me under general anesthesia. Seems I'm developing a tolerance to it.  I awakened famished, forcing my driver to veer into the Montgomery Whole Foods.  No more post anesthesia nausea for me, I'm a pro now.  

Yes, I sat in the dining area with my goggles on.  
I'm not letting anything happen to this eye.  The surgeon forewarned me that if his hem job didn't work, there wasn't anything else he could do to repair the eye.  Got it.
I'm even sleeping with the ski goggles on...because of Dax.