Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving Y'all!

Today I'm thankful to be on the farm. It's a regular workday for me. But, it's also my favorite holiday of the year: Thanksgiving!  No over the top decorations, no materialistically fueled extravagant gift giving... just the comfort of food and family (Dax, Peter and Garrett this year).
At eleven o'clock last night I made a Moroccan tagine with saffron rice for today's festivities.
From my table to yours.

I bet your Oklahoma sister didn't make you a turdkey for your centerpiece.  She's zany and creative, and she's mine, I'm thankful to have three sisters from other mothers whom I love very much.

If you're still wondering what she used to make the turdkey, let me give you a hint:  she lives on a horse farm where her material supply is endless.