Wednesday, November 29, 2017


I sometimes treat my Holstein cow like the redheaded stepchild because she isn't quite as lovable as all the others. She has become sweeter, but you still never know when she's going to put her head down and charge you.  Which was bad enough when I bought her as a refined looking 1400 lb cow:

Over two years of eating like Tommy, she's turned into a 2000 lb Brahma bull!

This linebacker can seriously gallop. She's always the first to sidle up to the breakfast bar.

I'm surprised she hasn't knocked me into the next century because, Hail Mary ten times, I forgot her birthday!!!
October 31 came and went and she wasn't given her day. She may not be kissable, but she's become Tommy's raison d'etre and that's plenty reason enough for me to want to make up for missing the one day to honor her for being a part of our clan.

Daphne Smith, happy 6th birthday!
I think I'm forgiven.