Friday, August 17, 2018

Get Out of My Way, Jamie Train Coming Through

I haven't been responding to calls, texts or emails the past two day.  Not because I've been wallowing in self pity, but because I've been busy.  

Cooking.  The dishwasher has been running non stop for two days while I was busy being creative in my kitchen.  Best way to stave off negative thoughts is to create and spread joy... especially if it comes in the form of cakes.  I brought a cake to a friend in town, made one for Flynn's birthday and invited my coworkers (Flynn, Deli and Heather) to my house for Tunisian chicken lunch.  How can you be sad with so many smiling faces surrounding you?

All the recipes but one come from my friend Helene in Birmingham.  Another way to bring friendship into my kitchen even if she can't be here in person.  Love you, Helene!
And I've had time to be grateful.  Grateful Flynn came back 2 weeks earlier than his doctor wanted, permitting me to get diagnosed sooner.  Grateful this diagnosis came before I was going to plunge into a new retirement investment, allowing me to reposition myself financially so that this blow won't wipe me out completely. 
Plus, there is now a plan, otherwise  I am lost without my lists and agendas.  September 21, I return to Montgomery to begin series of tests to first address the retina problem and scar tissue on my lens.  From there, my surgeon said he will find a clinic in the Southeast that has experience performing the corneal cross linking.  Looks like I'd better hurry up and get my Scotty camper rebuilt, looks like I may be getting to travel this Fall after all!  Always think positive and note to self: find a chauffeur!
Life isn't fair, but it's still the best game in town, how I love life with all its complexities and struggles.
Plus, I have an angel looking out for me now.  I try to honor my Cole every day by being stronger than I believe myself to be.  He continues to be the greatest gift to my life.