Monday, January 7, 2019

Castor canadensis

In an era where many are easily offended, I debated whether to write about a certain ongoing hunting expedition.  Then I thought of what offends me:  Kardashians, actresses flaunting jewels that could fund struggling school system for years, current political bickering and disingenuous people.
With middle age, you start to realize that you don't have all the time in the world to be all you want to be.  Solution: amp it up; f@% baby steps, those are ok when time isn't fleeting.  Coupled with the new knowledge that my hourglass has far less sand in it than I expected has given me CLARITY.  
I'm a list addict.  Love plans!  It's been an adjustment to shed my beloved long term goals for more palpable daily goals.  I'm less guarded, more vulnerable, unrestrained, frank and enjoying the freedom of crashing through life more boldly than before.
So, if the following offends, I'm sorry and I'm also not; I have a lot of living to do and life is really messy.  Roll up your sleeves, we're going in!

I've been using a propped up boat as my beaver hunting blind.  Waiting for the rodents to return to the dam to rebuild their fortifications atop the overflows.
Thus far, I have evicted three.

My preference would've been to allot them a section of this ecosystem to do their beavery things, but their zeal caused damaging ripple effects in all too many other areas.  Hence, the need to regain some balance.
If you take a life, you'd better honor it.  And that goes for the grocery store rotisserie chicken too.  Unwillingly, living, feeling, sentient creatures give their lives en mass to us every day.  Don't waste food, it was a life.

The entire beaver ended up in the crock pot.  

All the boys checked out what had been sacrificed for us.

The pelt was unblemished, deserving to be removed, rolled up and prepared for tanning.

My next sewing project.

Beaver and mashed potatoes.

Beaver vegetable and quinoa stir fry.  Bet you've never had a quinoa bowl quite like this!
A feast to last the four of us for days.
This is me with my new prescription safety sunglasses.  I'm gonna need them.  Life is a gift to be savored and lived courageously.

Plan on it and be bold.