Sunday, January 27, 2019

Bucket Listing In Your Own Backyard

Funny how we search far afield when some of the best things are right under our noses.

I crossed the mighty Chattahoochee River and embarked upon a journey through the National Civil War Naval Museum in Columbus, Georgia.  I've known of it for 25 years and finally visited.

Since living in the Deep South, I've tried to educate myself about the Civil War through readings and visiting important battlegrounds across the Southeast. Until now, I never knew the extent of the navy's role in the war.  This river warship was active up and down the Chattahoochee. 
I'd read about some of the coastal battles, but was completely ignorant of the epic battles across the oceans.
The most notorious of high sea raiders was the CSS Alabama.  The raiders' job was to try to disrupt trade, forcing the Union to abandon their navy blockade along the Southern coastline.  The general effort failed, the blockade never broke its stranglehold on the Confederacy.  The little engine that could proved to be the Alabama. During its 534 days at sea she had boarded 450 vessels, captured or burned 65 Union ships from Brazil to France.  One plucky little pirate ship!!!

160 years old and still frightening.
So is a prehistoric naval mine.

The CSS Chattahoochee, once sunken in its namesake river, is now on display in the museum. 

They need to be more diligent with the WD-40, it's a little seized up.

The Herculean work and innovation that went into building these behemoth iron-clad gunboats is mind blowing.  
WHY did I wait 25 years to see this??? 

Certifiably stupid is my best guess.
Tip of the hat to the museum shop staff for turning a blind eye to the dork playing with all their costumes.